April 21, 2015

Anna's Birthday

Yesterday we celebrated Anna! She is 11, just two years until the teenage years. 

She woke up earlier than usual, don't they always! 

We, of course, put streamers on her bedroom door, which she then fashioned into door curtains. Love having a girl!

Anna wanted to eat lunch at Wings To Go with a few friends and one of them brought a cake! You've had a great birthday when you get two cakes! 

She also talked to many relatives throughout the day. This call was from Mamaw. When Anna got off the phone, she said we had to go to Mamaw's soon because she told her we would! So I guess we need to plan a trip.

We finished the evening with dinner and a movie. We laughed, told stories, and enjoyed celebrating Anna.

April 9, 2015

Birthday Month

It's April! Birthday month in the Beavers' home. 

We celebrate three birthdays in four days. The amount of cake, and wrapping paper consumed is every birthday persons dream! It's my favorite time of the year actually. I love celebrating three of our children in one month. And I'm pretty sure Samuel loves celebrating his birthday all by himself in October! Ha!

We'll do a little streamer hanging,
We'll blow out some candles,

And we'll open presents! (This picture was 2 yrs ago. Wow!)

6 days until Anna turns 11!!!! The countdown is on.

April 8, 2015

Daybook 4/9/15

Outside my window......It's supposed to be a nice day, but storms are coming this evening. I'll make sure our iPads and phones are charged in case we lose electricity. 

Within my walls.....School, school, school and clean, clean, clean!

In my kitchen...Meals will be cooked, I just don't know what they'll consist of! 

What I'm wearing....Black yoga pants, t shirt, and socks. Surprised??

Random observations...The pollen is unreal! At times, it looks like it's raining yellow pollen. Yuck!

A favorite thing from last week...I got to hang out with Samuel and Lauren the other day. It was fun, but I need to remember to stay out of their conversations!

A heart of thanksgiving.... I'm thankful for this girl, she'll be 11 in just 11 days. Wow! 

A heart of prayer...


Living with Teenagers

Right now we have three teenagers in the house. One 17 year old boy, and 2 13 yr old boys. That means we have no food, deep voices, big feet, and lots of noise. 

Terrible twos have nothing on the teenage years. These boys really like to share their opinions. Loudly, looming over me, with their taller than me stature. Sometimes they make me cry, just like when they were little. How does that happen? They have become more eloquent in their speaking than when they were little, but sometimes the attitude is just the same!

I do see many glimpses of maturity though. So many in fact, that I hardly think of these big footed, taller than me young men as toddlers anymore. I love this stage of life with them. Watching them learn tough life lessons, branch out into their own interests, and apply Biblical principles to their everyday lives has been rewarding this far. I know there are many teen years to come for them, just 2 more for Samuel (how can that be?!) and many decisions to be made. The risk of a bad, life-altering decision being made is very real, and I don't deny that when I think of them growing up. I do pray that they will continue to make good decisions though. I know they all have active prayer lives also, and that is a positive step toward making good decisions. 

The other night I had gone to see Samuel play in a baseball game by myself. He wanted me to follow the bus and eat supper with them when they stopped. As a mom of a teenage boy, I know invitations like that don't happen all the time so I went! A couple of moms were there and we sat together. While I was eating I looked behind me and saw one of the players eating by himself. I got Samuel's attention and motioned for him to sit with the boy. He shook his head and gestured in a way that it wasn't a big deal and he would stay where he was. I said ok, and turned around.  The very next thing I know is Samuel moving his food to sit with this boy. My smile was huge! They talked and laughed together. The moms I was with told me to tell him thank you and I thanked God for Samuel's kind heart. 

Samuel had had a tough game. Things didn't go his way. He could have had a bad attitude, sulked, and thrown a fit but he didn't. He remained respectful, smiled, and cheered his team on, and things turned around for him. He hit his first double that night! 

I went to bed bragging on him to my mom, dad, and Stephen and thanking God for Samuel. Oh, that boy can make some dumb mistakes, but he can do some really great things also. I don't always talk about the good I see, but I'm going to try to do better. 

April 3, 2015

Daybook 4/3/15

Outside my window...its a beautiful sunny day! Daniel and his friend, Christian, found a 4 foot snake in our yard. Oh. My. Word. 

Within my walls...There has been a horrible, awful smell in the refrigerator the last few days. Today, we moved it out so I could find the dead mouse that was surely behind there. But no. There was no mouse, no nothing. I swept and mopped and still the smell. Then I cleaned the fridge out, took the drawers out, cleaned the shelves, everything. And still the smell. I cleaned more and then I saw it. A baggy with two pieces of chicken in it on top of a new package of chicken. I had cleaned all around the smell, but had not removed it. There's a sermon in there somewhere,

A thankful heart...Today I'm most aware and thankful for Jesus' sacrifice on the cross. Oh, how awful life would be without a confidence that there is something better than this life we're living. 

A heart of prayer...This is a huge week in churches. Easter is a great time to invite people who don't go to church to go with you to church. This could be a life changing week!

Thoughts from the kitchen...Stephen is on a low carb diet so my cooking has changed a bit. Now David is going to give it a try, I guess my bread budget will go down, but my meat budget will increase!

Sounds of the moment...I'm writing this while we wait for Samuel's ballgame to start. So the sounds are balls being hit, loud music that everyone under the age of 20 loves, and boys yelling encouraging words. It's a great place to be.

What I'm wearing...dark capris, cute chevron tunic, and Sunak's. I may look cute! Ha!

Random observations...I love dreary, rainy days, but the sun shining bright, warm days are the best!

A favorite thing from the week...I've spent a lot of one on one time with Samuel the last couple of weeks and have enjoyed it so much. He has grown up to be a young man with a heart for the Lord, and a kind soul. 

A picture of the week...  We don't take many pictures, this ones pretty good.

March 26, 2015

Date Night

It's Spring Break week in Arkansas and Beavers' Academy is all about spring break! David, Daniel, and Anna have been at Camp Siloam, or what we just used to call Siloam. They are doing cleanup at the Camp in the mornings, and doing backyard Bible clubs in the afternoon. I haven't heard from D & D but I've seen pictures on Facebook of the, doing magic at the backyard Bible clubs. I know they are loving that. They love to help and serve. I've talked to Annaevery night, she's ready to come home but has been a trooper and hasn't cried or asked to come home. Samuel had a ballgame Monday night and again tonight. He's been with Lauren a lot this week which has allowed Stephen and me to have a date each night, I mean I haven't cooked a meal since Sunday night. It's been awesome! The time Stephen and I have spent together has been so special. Monday night we got in trouble for the way we ordered at a restaurant, and we found out it's expensive to play Bingo. WEDNESDAY night we went out with Samuel and Lauren. She is so sweet and kind. I'm anxious to see David, Daniel, and Anna. We spend so much time together thst being away from them is strange.

April 29, 2011

A Review

We recevied Hey, Andrew! Teach Me Some Greek! at the beginning of our school year. My 7th grader was really excited about learning the language.

This curriculum teaches "Koine" Greek which is the language of the New Testament. Stephen went to seminary and learned Greek so Samuel thought it would be cool to also know some Greek!

We began with Level 3, which was just right for his grade level. I tried to use it with the younger ones but it was just enough to difficult for them, I opted to not continue with them. However, if I had had Level 1, or Level 2 I would have used it for them.

Level 3 is set up in such a way that Samuel could teach himself. A cd is included, as is an answer book. Flashcards are provided and the book encourages the use of them. Watching Stephen use flashcards in seminary proved to me that it is defintely the way to learn!

The Curriculum is broken up into lessons for a parent who wants to be more involved in the subject, but I chose to let Samuel study it at his own pace and he did quite well. There were times when he wasn't real keen on doing Greek, but other times when he was. Typical of any student.

The student book is $21.95 and the full answer book is also $21.95. They offer pre-made flashcards, test, quizzes and other items that may be helpful for use with the subject.

We found that making the flashcards was easy and a change from the normal way of school. Hey, Andrew! Teach Me Some Greek! is a great curriculum.

I received a copy of the text & answer key in exchange for my review.