March 26, 2015

Date Night

It's Spring Break week in Arkansas and Beavers' Academy is all about spring break! David, Daniel, and Anna have been at Camp Siloam, or what we just used to call Siloam. They are doing cleanup at the Camp in the mornings, and doing backyard Bible clubs in the afternoon. I haven't heard from D & D but I've seen pictures on Facebook of the, doing magic at the backyard Bible clubs. I know they are loving that. They love to help and serve. I've talked to Annaevery night, she's ready to come home but has been a trooper and hasn't cried or asked to come home. Samuel had a ballgame Monday night and again tonight. He's been with Lauren a lot this week which has allowed Stephen and me to have a date each night, I mean I haven't cooked a meal since Sunday night. It's been awesome! The time Stephen and I have spent together has been so special. Monday night we got in trouble for the way we ordered at a restaurant, and we found out it's expensive to play Bingo. WEDNESDAY night we went out with Samuel and Lauren. She is so sweet and kind. I'm anxious to see David, Daniel, and Anna. We spend so much time together thst being away from them is strange.

April 29, 2011

A Review

We recevied Hey, Andrew! Teach Me Some Greek! at the beginning of our school year. My 7th grader was really excited about learning the language.

This curriculum teaches "Koine" Greek which is the language of the New Testament. Stephen went to seminary and learned Greek so Samuel thought it would be cool to also know some Greek!

We began with Level 3, which was just right for his grade level. I tried to use it with the younger ones but it was just enough to difficult for them, I opted to not continue with them. However, if I had had Level 1, or Level 2 I would have used it for them.

Level 3 is set up in such a way that Samuel could teach himself. A cd is included, as is an answer book. Flashcards are provided and the book encourages the use of them. Watching Stephen use flashcards in seminary proved to me that it is defintely the way to learn!

The Curriculum is broken up into lessons for a parent who wants to be more involved in the subject, but I chose to let Samuel study it at his own pace and he did quite well. There were times when he wasn't real keen on doing Greek, but other times when he was. Typical of any student.

The student book is $21.95 and the full answer book is also $21.95. They offer pre-made flashcards, test, quizzes and other items that may be helpful for use with the subject.

We found that making the flashcards was easy and a change from the normal way of school. Hey, Andrew! Teach Me Some Greek! is a great curriculum.

I received a copy of the text & answer key in exchange for my review.

March 15, 2011

A Review

Oh, it has been a while hasn't it?! A month! Good grief. I've been faithful to the sisters blog though. Go there if you want to find out whats been going on.

I received a book from Apologia recently. I don't know about you but I think Apologia has got it going on! Their texts are Biblically sound and written in a way that is easy for children to understand and easy to present. What could be better?

Who is God? And Can I really Know Him? is volume 1 in the Why We Believe series. Each lesson is seperated into sections that make presenting and studying the lesson easy. Well, easier.

The lessons begin with an introduction to the lesson then a short story that is enjoyable to read for both parents and children. There are vocabulary words, scriptures to memorize and articles that pertain to the subject being discussed.

There is an area that highlights Godly character and the final section deals with worldview.

Worldview is something I didn't use to think about teaching or instilling in our children. But since reading books, like Apologia books, I am convinced that we must teach our children a Christian, biblical worldview. It is of the upmost importance if we want our children to grow up to be mature, Christians that can change the world. I think this book is a great stepping off point for children in early elementary grades. Even as a reminder and added study for teenagers.

This book is $39.99 on the Apologia website. There is also a notebooking journal for $24. Try it and let me know what you think!

I received this book in exchange for my honest opinion as a member of TOS Crew.

February 16, 2011

Daybook 2/16/11

Outside my window...a sunshiny day, its supposed to be warm too. A big difference since last week!

I am thinking...homeschooling is hard!

I am thankful Bible

From the learning rooms...Math. Attitudes.

From the kitchen...nothing yet

I am work out outfit, white socks

I am creating...our March travel plans. It looks to be a busy month

I am be gone a lot in March. Looking forward to it.

I am reading...Black Heels to Tractor Wheels. The Pioneer Woman's book. Loving it.

I am hoping... that I can get the laundry caught up

I am hearing...attitudes

Around the house...laundry!!!

One of my favorite things...sorry, but its my Kindle

A few plans for the rest of the week...lunch with the in-laws one day, Playtime Pizza with the kids Sunday School class on Saturday.

February 2, 2011

Daybook Feb 2, 2011

Outside my window...a sunny, very cold day. Did I say very cold?

I am thinking...I don't know near enough about 7th grade science to keep up with Sam.

I am thankful for...A warm house and warm bed.

From the learning rooms...catching up on Anna's language lessons. Seems I've been forgetting them!

From the kitchen...Nothing today, but yesterday I made yummy monkey bread from biscuits!

I am wearing...a black knit warm-up outfit, white socks

I am creating...invitations for a widows luncheon

I am have to do a little more discipline than I enjoy today. The kids have gotten a little out of hand. Ok, a lot out of hand

I am reading...The Potluck Club. It's okay, I'm wanting to buy the Pioneer Woman's book.

I am also get Sarah Young's Jesus Calling devotional. I got a sample of it on my Kindle and it is GREAT!!

I am hearing...pages turn, and sniffing noses

Around the house...making pinewood derby cars for Saturday

One of my favorite things...seeing the kids smile and relief and happiness flood their faces when they understand what is being taught.

A few plans for the rest of the week...AWANA tonight, homeschool group tomorrow

January 12, 2011

A Daybook Jan 12, 2011

Outside my window...A cold, sunny day with a little snow still on the ground.

I am thinking...I don't like to be cold.

I am thankful for...A warm home

From the learning rooms...catching up after snowdays

From the kitchen...homemade chocolate chip cookies

I am wearing...plaid red flannel pj's from Cindy. She says they look like me. She's right.

I am creating...???

I am get hair cuts for the boys today. Finally!

I am reading...Fools Rush In. Just finished The Justice Game. Good book

I am hoping...the weather stays clear for the weekend.

I am hearing...a squeaky desk

Around the house...Not as much clutter as usual

One of my favorite birthday cake candle

A few plans for the rest of the week...I have a retreat to attend this weekend to plan for regional pastor's wives conferneces around the state. Its going to be great!

Virtual Nerd-A Review

Ok, this product is great! Do I say that about all the products I get to review? I can't remember, but we really liked this one.

Virtual Nerd is an online learning program with video-based tutorial lessons aimed to help students in math and science. Courses covered are Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1, Algebra 2 and Physics and they teach using a simple format of watch...learn...understand!

For $49 a month you can subscribe to Virtual Nerd and have unlimited tutoring in math and science courses. You can also get a 24 hour subscription for $5. How great is that??!! The website is very straight forward. If you are looking for pre-algebra, you just click on pre-algebra and pick the topic your student is struggling in. I have had no problems with the video's loading or finding what I needed to view.

The tutorials are a video of one person in front of a white board presenting a problem and the solution in an easy to understand way. Samuel watched them and understood a couple of concepts that he had had trouble with up until now.

I'm sold on Virtual Nerd!

I received a temporary subscription to Virtual Nerd for my review.

If your child is having trouble with jr high or high school math. Or if you are having trouble explaining the math lessons to your child. I recommend Virtual Nerd.